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Greg is hands down one of the best trainers in the LA area. I started training with Greg in 2015. He was prompt to reply to set up a consultation and very professional and friendly. He wanted to ensure that my goals would be attainable during our training sessions instead of just using pre-set programs like most trainers use.  His background in gymnastics offers unique workouts where form is emphasized. As a professional, my work schedule was not the most flexible, yet Greg took the time to meet to workout with me when convenient.  Although I had to switch gyms due to my work schedule I still commute over forty minutes still to workout with Greg due to his passion for training, professionalism and the results I've obtained through his guidance. You will not regret working with him.

-Jason (Dermatologist) 

Greg and his clients on a fitness day trip to Catalina! 

As a marathon runner, triathlete, including an ironman hands down Greg has been my best trainer.  His natural core building program helped me increase my performance as I got ready for the international Nautical Tri in Malibu.  The Facts are his training reduced my Mile ocean swim to 39 minutes, increased my bike speed to 18 miles an hour and had my run time (after crushing both legs in a car crash) to less than 9 minutes.  BTW I'm 50 and he had me that ready. He really listens and understands your goals. He pushes you politely and he is always reliable and thoughtful.  5 stars 6 if I could.

-David (Executive Fortune 500 Company) 

Greg is my first trainer and he is absolutely the best for a beginner like myself! I signed up for his group workout session (very affordable) and it has been such an enjoyable experience for me. I came to him for weight loss purposes and I lost 10 lbs after 20 sessions over the course of two and half months.  (Continue reading on Yelp)

-Ruowei (USC Student)

Greg is a great trainer! He is not the"drill sergeant" type, so look elsewhere if that's the kind of workout you want.  He leads a very relaxed, intensive session and focuses on form, which is crucial. I also learned a lot working out with him, especially considering I've been working out on my own and with other trainers for over 10 years. Greg is great to talk to and keeps the sessions fun. Highly recommended!!

-Chris (Project Manager)

I really rarely give 5 stars but Greg deserves every one of them.  I have been training with him since 2012.  I had three trainers prior, two of whom were bad and one was good but was a celebrity trainer who was far from where I live.  I left Greg a year ago because I suffered a rare herniated disc that put me in the ER.  I've gotten back with Greg in the last few months and Greg was very understanding of my medical condition.  He was knowledgable about which exercises not to aggravate the herniated disc and what exercises to do...Bottom line:  he's a great trainer, a good guy, and also went to my alma mater. Go Bears!!

-Nick (Lawyer / Owner of Law Firm, Passadena)


I have been training with Greg for about 5 years, the last few years at Century  Spa, which offers great spa accommodations if you want. The training I receive from Greg is great,the workouts   change on a weekly basis, there always seems to be something new, but When ask,we add in some of my favorites! As I read some of the other reviews about what his other clients have said about Greg, all I can do is agree with them. As I said it's been 5 years and counting on 5 more. Thanks for keeping me fit and entertained Greg.

-George (Owner Hair Salon, Pacific Palisades)

I've been training with Greg for almost a year now, and I am very happy I found him. He makes the sessions fun and challenging. He keeps my physical condition (age, recurring neck pain and previous injuries) in mind when going through my workout, gives me hints on exercises I should do on my own, and makes suggestions on diet. He also gives me "talks" to motivate me to do more (not an easy thing to do for this lazy ass) and encourages me when I do well with positive feedback. He never gives up.  I can honestly say that I see positive results with Greg, and I look forward to training with several times a week. 

-John (Web Developer, Hollywood) 

Greg has been training me for over two years. He has a great physique himself which is inspirational and lends him credibility. He is reliable, sensitive to my needs, and always finds ways to improve my routines. Great sense of humor, too. I couldn't find a better trainer at any price.

-Gary M. (High School Principal, Carson)

I trained with Greg for the first time recently and I gotta say, you cannot go wrong with this guy.  I actually work in the fitness industry and I know alot of trainings and their techniques.  Greg strikes the perfect balance between being a militant personality-free "do this, do that" type trainer and a workout buddy.  If you want someone that's not going to BS you, and give you common sense advice for YOUR body, this is your trainer.  At the same time, he's fun to be around, cracks jokes, and just has one of those magnetic personalities that makes you feel like you've been friends for awhile.  For my first training session he showed me a variety of techniques and exercises and I cannot wait to do my next session with him.  Highly recommend this guy!

-Brent W. (Laguna Beach)

This man knows how to inspire, motivate, listen, be attentive, and PUSH you to reach your goals.  I'm completely grateful for Greg as a trainer. I went from a 16% body fat percentage to a 12.4%, and I've gained more definition while maintaining my weight at 180lbs. He has boosted my confidence at the gym, and has taught me how to step out of my comfort zone in my workouts (being flexible enough to change your routine at the gym is an especially important skill during 'rush hour' times). I can sincerely attribute my reignited dedication and knowledge about fitness to Greg's training.

-Brian P. (Young Professional, Los Angeles)

I got in touch with Greg last January after studying abroad for 6 months with absolutely no steady workout routine. I felt that I needed something to help me get back on track. I went through yelp and found Greg. He was perfect for what I wanted.  I saw Greg weekly leading up to Coachella 2014. We worked really hard on my entire body. He kept me motivated and entertained during our workouts. I always looked forward to our sessions. Over the 3 months my body and mind transformed. In the end I gained about 15lbs in muscle and lost 10lbs. in fat.  After Coachella I continued to see him regularly until I eventually moved to SF. Every time I'm back down in LA I make sure to squeeze a few sessions in. They really make a difference in my motivation and form - plus it's nice to catch up.  I highly recommend Greg if you're looking for a fun and determined trainer. He wants you to succeeded and reach your fitness goals as much as you do.

-Louis (Student, Pasadena

Greg is such a wonderful personal trainer! I am a dancer and was looking to work out with someone who could give me exercises that worked with my body. What I loved most during our sessions is that he was so informative about every exercise we were doing and what part of the body was being used. 
He was so easy to schedule with and was always very flexible with getting together. He kept me on track and made sure to check in on how I was progressing, even outside of our sessions. Greg is so kind and such a wonderful person, I highly recommend him!

-Michael M. (Dancer, Mid-City)

Greg is awesome.  He really engages with you and genuinely cares about your progress.  He also offers services where he tracks your diet and exercise in the myfitnesspal iPhone app, which helps a lot with motivation and staying on track. I've had physical trainers in the past that I didn't feel inclined to return to on a regular basis.... But Greg broke that mold and now I schedule sessions with him twice a week.  Other trainers also taught me how to do things wrong.  Greg corrected my form and showed me how to do weight lifting properly.  Man I could really feel the burn and realized I had been doing it wrong for so many years. He's also really funny.

-Rick (CTO, Santa Monica)

Greg is a great fitness trainer.  I've worked with a few trainers before but Greg is the only one I feel like can contact and ask advice on diet tips or an exercise even when we are not working out that day.  He's easy to work with and always on time. His rates are very reasonable and what I like most is that he challenges you.  I highly recommend Greg as a personal trainer for both people who have never worked out before or for someone who is looking for a new routine or fresh ideas for their work out. I highly recommend Greg's small group class. It's always the perfect size. Greg has the ability to set up a challenging circuit for everyone to do at their own strength and pace. 

-Jason (Video Editor, North Hollywood)

Seriously, if you want see results, you have to hire Greg. I've been meandering in gyms for years not understanding the basics of weight lifting and finally someone who really knows what he is doing, broke it down. I'm telling you - I suck at gyms. Greg really takes his time with you and he really gives you a positive and pragmatic way of getting done what you think is impossible. I repeat...I hate gyms. But Greg is a first class trainer that make even the most pessimistic  client (me!) a true believer. He's the best in the game. You wont regret the investment and your jaded friends will be jealous. Whats better than that?

-Dave (Screen writer, Hancock Park)

Greg has been my personal trainer for the last 18 months. I appreciate that he tailors his approach to the specific goals of his clients. I train for muscular development and my friend who also trains with Greg is training for weight loss. He uses different approaches for both of us. In my case, I'm already quite muscular so he pushes me really hard which is exactly what I'm looking for. He also fits in core training and stretching into our sessions, both of which are weaknesses of mine.

Recently, he asked me to identify some fitness goals. I came up with two. One, I wanted to lean down to 9% body fat or under. I started a couple months ago at 11.6% and just tested at 8.7". My other goal was to do a plank hold for at least 4 minutes. Recently I achieved a Personal Record of 4:30.

-Curtis (Senior Iphone Developer)

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