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What is Greg McKeon Fitness?

GMF is personal training, semi-private training, corporate training, mobile training and on set training for actors. My training focuses on sustainable training that will teach you how to maximize your time in the gym and keep you injury free.  


I provide a personalized workout plan for both the days we workout together and are apart. With intelligence and direction I will guide you through your fitness journey. 


I have created a unique program that utilizes body weight conditioning, functional training, and Eastern European gymnastics core training that will leave you feeling pumped and ready. This effective fitness regimen is built to specifically target and isolate each muscle group, while having fun doing it.

Why Greg McKeon Fitness? 

My program is the easiest way to “get ripped".  I created an intelligent method and positive gym space for you to feel your best. My exercises are hand picked for each client and I do not utilize "cookie cutter”  workout plans. You will be held accountable during this truly personalized experience while learning how to maxize your time in the gym and learning the proper way to build and tone your muscles. 


The philosophy at Greg McKeon Fitness is "consistency is the key to progressive overload and building muscles." Likewise, weight loss is a gradual process that cannot be rushed. Through proper guidance I will motive and inspire you to keep consistent with your workouts and facilitate the change you are seeking by learning how to leverage your will power and use the power of habit to create positive habits and eradicate negative ones which will ultimately lead you to get the results you are seeking. I am a results oriented trainer. I am not happy unless you are happy with your results. 


At Greg McKeon Fitness with are a community of likeminded fitness enthusiasts.  

I am always organizing adventures  with my clients. Past adventures have included trips to the gymnastics gym, rock climbing, rollerskating, hikes, ski trips, Catalina Adventure Fitness Catalina,  and Adventure Fitness Thailand. 

Being part of a likeminded community of your peers, provides encouragement and accountability, as well as new friendships, and most importantly makes working out fun! 

I believe in giving back to the community. This year I will be offering a college scholarship.  Please email me  and I will send the application. 

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