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What is Semi Private Training?

Semi-private training is a 60 minute personalized workout great for those on a budget. My training focuses on sustainable training that will teach you how to maximize your time in the gym and keep you injury free.  

The session is comprised of 1-2 other like minded fitness enthusiasts. This is not a "bootcamp" or a huge cross fit class. This is affordable personal training. 


I provide a personalized workout plan for both the days we workout together and are apart. With intelligence and direction I will guide you through your fitness journey. 


I have created a unique program that utilizes body weight conditioning, functional training, and Eastern European gymnastics core training that will leave you feeling fit and healthy  This effective fitness regimen is built to specifically target and isolate each muscle group, while having fun doing it.

Rate: $40 per session


At Greg McKeon Fitness we are a community of like minded fitness enthusiasts. Being part of a likeminded community of your peers, provides encouragement and accountability, as well as new friendships, and most importantly makes working out fun! 

GMF is a place to meet new friends and be pushed together as a team. Semi-private sessions are created around demand. Special sessions can be created if you have  group of friends and coworkers that would like to workout together.


Classes are a fun way to be challenged in  group setting. Sometimes we will do activities together like stretching and core. However, I will always set up each client on a unique work program tailored to your individual needs.

I also organize adventures  with my clients outside of the gym. Past adventures have included trips to the gymnastics gym, rock climbing, hikes, ski trips, Catalina Adventure Fitness Catalina, and Adventure Fitness Thailand. 

Body Composition Testing

All members of Greg McKeon Fitness are encouraged togo to BodySpec for affordable medical grade health assessments.  


They offer the nations most affordable DXA body scan, which is the most accurate body fat test available. This 10 minute test takes a comprehensive snapshot of exact bone, fat tissue and mass. A must for any fitness enthusiast.  They also offer RMR (Resting metabolic rate) and VO2 MAX (quantifying your level of cardiovascular fitness) testing.  


DXA Scan $45

RMR test $75

VO2 MAX test $100

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